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Quality is important to us

We have been cooking super delicious food at Loca Casual Fine Dining for years. Now we have expanded our concept and also offer our delicacies during the day! The quality also remains the same standard. We believe in creativity in the kitchen. That means you will find high-quality, modern Austrian dishes with us, whereby we exchange the "unhealthy" ingredients with delicious, modern alternatives. This means that people with intolerances or certain diets can order from us without hesitation. Our goal is to make the food taste as authentic as possible despite the different ingredients.


With us, lovers of fermented food get their money's worth. We ferment around the clock, taste and let you be part of it. Do something good for your intestines and your body and let yourself be surprised by great taste experiences.

Anyone who prefers vegan cuisine for ethical or other reasons will find what they are looking for in high quality with us. We are not just following a trend here, we are offering this with full conviction. Healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable simply tastes better to us.

A meal that largely avoids carbohydrates is not only easily digestible, but can also taste great. At least with us! Because here is exactly the right thing for everyone who wants to eat according to the low-carb principle.



low carb

for the sake of the environment

We want to protect the environment. This also means that we have equipped our kitchen in a way that is completely CO2-friendly. Of course, this also includes the potential waste that arises from to-go packaging. We have also found an environmentally friendly solution for this. Thanks to two great companies and our great team, you can eat with us without a guilty conscience.





our small but mighty team


Whether vegan, vegetarian,  fermented or low carb with Loca Deli chef Kim makes it fun to eat. Our Dutchman brings international experience to Vienna.

Better eat better with Loca Group Chef Michael .

The non-conformist is the guarantee that the quality and creativity of Loca casual fine dining is also implemented in the Loca deli.


Our restaurant manager, Christian
gladly accepts your wishes.

Order, special requests, feel good? Responsible for sales and a smooth process, our Kathi will be happy to serve you.


our tips for good food, no matter where you are

We know you can't visit us every day, so we're giving you a few tips on how to
you can eat better at home or on the go.

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